Absolut Vodka 1

Exclusive Frame Design for Absolut Vodka


Spectacles, art and experience:
In synthesis of spirit
of the age, progressive technique and modern art,
nine international frame-designers from France, the US, and Japan
transformed their interpretation of the Swedish Vodka brand into
spectacular eye wear.

Werner Pawlok photographed the glasses with the typical
 Absolut Vodka look.

The Designers:

Stefan Flatscher (Freudenhaus)

Gai Gherardi & Barbara Reynolds (l.a. eyeworks)

Patrick Hoet (Theo)

Jason Kirk (Kirk Originals)

Rober La Roche (Lunettes Robert La Roche)

Alain Mikli (Alain Mikli International)

Stephan Schmidt (Lotos Goldbrillen)

Masami Shirayama (Hakusan Gankyoten)
The project was initiated by Agency MMK/Hamburg coordinated by Kathrin Müller

Bildübersicht Absolut Spectacle Project von Werner Pawlok