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Face the Time

The symbiosis of fine watchmaking and photography - now emerging as the project Face the Time. Photographer Werner Pawlok has explored the concept of Man and Time; his request resulting in ten striking works of art. One of the main principles behind Girard-Perregeaux name is the reflecting on the diversity of its clients. Diverse people, living diverse lives, yet with one thing common - a Girard-Perregeaux timepiece.
During his first collaboration with the Swiss brand, Werner Pawlok emphasised the importance that every piece of art underwent an individualized process while passing through various phases of creation - after all, a hand-crafted timepiece take time. In a specially developed silk-screen process for gold leaf - which also serves as a cross-reference to Girard-Perregeaux's independent production based on the highest standards of research and developement - the ten portraits were created using elaborate steps. They characterize Man and his special connection time, fine watch-making and Girard-Perregeaux.