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Andrei, a highly paid professional killer, falls in love with a woman without suspecting that she is the sister of his latest victim. Paula, an intelligent, pleasant young woman, falls in love with a fascinating man, not realizing that he has murdered her brother.
The Poet is a thriller and a passionate doomed love story about life and death and the desperate need for a tortured man to find peace with the woman he loves. A passion between two people whose lifes could not be further apart, but somehow it seems as if they were made for each other. One day, an unforeseen incident occurs. By fateful happenstance, Rick Stern, a young, talented photographer and writer looking for work, unwittingly stumbles onto the scene during one of Andrei s contract jobs and is shot dead by him.

Director: Paul Hills ("The Frontline", "Boston Kickout")
Andrei: Dougray Scott ("Enigma", "Mission Impossible II")
Paula: Laura Harring ("John Q", "Mulholland Drive")
Vashon: Jürgen Prochnow ("Das Boot", "Airforce One", "The English Patient")
Rick: Andrew Lee Potts ("High Speed", "Joy-Riders")
Rita: Mavie Hörbiger ("Liebesluder", "Solo für Klarinette")
Klinger: Erika Marozsán ("Gloomy Sunday")
Hartmann: Miguel Herz-Kestranek ("Sass")
Casting: Jeremy Zimmermann, Lucky Englander & Fritz Fleischhacker
DPh: Roger Bonnici
Production Designer: Harald Turzer
Costumes: Claudia Bobsin
Film Music: Marcel Barsotti, Music Agency Double Fun and "Sofa Surfers" (Band)